Possibilities and Strength

Real Steel teams up with experienced engineers and professional designers of different fields. Our design center has equipped with advanced software as 3D, CAD, and Rhino to enable concept into prototype. Backing up with closely collaborated factories, we integrate sophisticated deigns into production line.

Steel and Aluminum alloys are key elements of automobile industry.
Real Steel is able to handle both elements in any possible curve and shape. Shaping, welding, polishing and painting, all can be made perfectly as much as the bespoke fine limos in the world. The surface smoothness technique can be applied to those as old as 1932 antique cars fenders or as new as 21th century sports cars.

Carbon fiber and compositions like FRP, Glass Fiber etc. are largely applied in the super cars and air craft as their lighter weight and high strength properties. Real Steel is experienced in using Carbon fiber and other compositions to enhance the auto body and components in order to reach high quality. We have abilities to complete the whole process from design, build up the molds and tools with advanced production procedures.

Handmade and Integration of different materials
Real Steel has experienced artisans in different professional fields. Each product is delicately handmade, applying many different process and materials. We are quite familiar with the compositions that build up fine cars and sumptuous furniture, and expect to appreciate the value of them through excellent joining.

Real Steel Design combines the design of automobile, furniture, 3D and Industrial design, and keeps on studying the possibilities of different combination. We believe these inspirations are from our lives, but will never be careless with those details that help us achieve high quality.

Leather and Alcantara
Leather selection is a key portion in our production. We use top genuine leather professions like Heller-Leder and Alcantara to create and pursue the quality of comfort. Heller-Leder is a top leather German manufacturer, famous with its delicate and organic productions of aniline leather. It is also one of the exclusive leather suppliers of top world famous furniture brand Rolf Benz, and car seats leather suppliers for BENTLEY, PORSCHE, LAMBORGHINI, MERCEDES-BENZ, and BMW. Alcantara is a high quality Suede, light and with good anti-skidding property.